Diamonds in Subnautica


Diamonds in subnautica are a particularly rare type of resource, being found in only three locations on the map. They are used to craft the Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module, Seamoth Perimeter Defense Systems, and Prawn Suit Torpedo Armaments.

Diamonds are mined using the Diamond Pickaxe , which is crafted at the Modification Station . The pickaxe mines the diamonds out of deposits in the ground, which take around two to three minutes before they are fully uncovered.

Diamonds can also be obtained by killing Crabsnakes , although this is extremely inefficient due to their low drop rate for diamonds.

What is Subnautica?

Subnautica is a game about exploration and survival in an alien underwater world. We give you the tools to see what's out there, but you're the one who has to go and find it. Your imagination will be your worst enemy, as well as your best friend. It's quiet, it's dark... and there are creatures out there, hunting you.

Subnautica features a vast open-world environment with unique handcrafted fauna and flora, a hydrological cycle that directs the narrative of the game, and a high-level of difficulty focused on making intelligent choices while exploring.

How to spawn water in subnautica

To spawn water in Subnautica, bring a Seaglide to a Cyclops submarine and place it anywhere on the floor of the garage. Then you need to press X on your controller or on your keyboard and click "Inventory" then "device-Seaglide." After that, press E or scroll down with your mouse and click "Return to Seaglide."

The water will spawn in the ocean and you won't be able to see it, but if you swim around for a few seconds, you should find where the water is. Once you do this climb out of your Seaglide and go up the escape hatch on top of your submarine.

Once you have done all of this, your Seaglide should be re-spawned and you can use it to go back to your base on the ocean floor.

How to get a cyclops submarine in subnautica

To obtain a Cyclops, you must first gather the fragments that form one. The first fragment can be found by getting out of your lifepod and heading to the right of the pod.

The second piece is in a cave near the Grassy Plateaus (where you start) on top of some rocks. To get there, follow the coordinates; X-2170; Y-378; Z-1769.

The third piece is located in the Underwater Islands, which can be accessed by following the coordinates; X-1578; Y-1122; Z-1676. It's on top of a small island, near some bushes and rocks.

To obtain them all go to the Cyclops submarine garage (X-579; Y-1429; Z-1166) and place the fragments down in this order:

XL-237; YZ-609; XZ-734.

This will create a cyclops submarine and it is required to be able to explore the ocean and get certain resources found around there.

How to get oil in subnautica

To obtain Oil you must first scan rock crabs using the scanner. They can be found at the Beacon and the Crash Zone. After you have scanned about 5 of them, go to a Seabase and put it in a freezer.

After you have waited for a few hours the oil will separate from the rock crabs and appear as an item in your inventory. You can then put it into your Fabricator or your Cyclops' refiner to be turned into pure oil.

How to find and kill a Reefback Leviathan in Subnautica

Reefback Leviathans spawn at random near the Aurora on the Grassy Plateaus, Zeeber, and on the Mountain Island. They also have a chance of spawning around Deep Grand Reefs (X-1013, Y-1596). Reefback Leviathans can be a very difficult encounter if not prepared.

This creature has a large health pool and deals a decent amount of damage to your vehicles and Seabase, so it is recommended to have high tier vehicles that have been upgraded with the right items. The Leviathan's attack style is grinding, meaning it can occasionally dismount you from your vehicle if you ride too close.


Subnautica has a lot of useful information to help you out along your way, but it's always good to have an idea of what items are helpful before you jump into the game. Also, having the materials needed for the item will be extremely helpful when trying to farm for them. Some of this information is already in the game or can be found by searching online, but hopefully this article will be helpful in some way.


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